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Our portfolio of projects include a variety of infrastructure projects for cities, counties, state and federal agencies, utilities, transportation authorities and engineering partners. We deliver projects involving electric and alternative energy systems, oil, gas, water, transportation, transit, flood, sewer, and public facilities. The following projects demonstrate a few of our Team’s recent projects involving the delivery of right-of-way services.

I-405 Improvement Project


Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA)

I-405 Improvement Project

This $1.9 billion dollar Project involves a 16 mile-long freeway section between the SR-73 freeway in Costa Mesa and I-605 near the Los Angeles County line. The major improvements of the project include construction of a general purpose lane, express lane in each direction, auxiliary lanes, freeway entrances and exits, bridges, and integration of the existing carpool lanes. The right-of-way program included 286 partial acquisitions and 2 full take acquisitions. The partial acquisitions consisted of fee, roadway easements, slope easements, footing easements, public utility easements, and temporary construction easements. Both full acquisitions required the displacement of a total of 6 commercial tenants. Our team has been involved with this design-build project since its inception in 2015 and continues to provide management oversight as the project is nearing the end of construction. The Monument Team provided project planning, risk assessment and management, acquisition, relocation, project management, and coordination with all consultants and the contractor.

Warner Avenue Improvement Project

Local Roads

City of Santa Ana

Warner Avenue Widening

Warner Avenue is a regionally significant arterial roadway, providing east-west travel through the City. This project expands Warner Avenue from Oak Street to Grand Avenue by adding an additional lane of traffic and medians. These improvements were designed utilizing Complete Streets principals to provide safe, comfortable, and convenient travel for all users – pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders, and motorists. This project will improve the flow of traffic and greatly improve commuter safety. The Monument Team is responsible for the acquisition of 20 full and partial take residential and commercial properties and over 17 residential relocations. We provided referrals in more affordable areas which created additional opportunities for the owners to locate a replacement property within their budget. Our hands-on approach, including in-person communications with the property owners, their family members, and their agents, contributed to a rebuilding of trust in the process which led to the successful delivery of the project.

7th Street Bridge Replacement Project


Stanislaus County

7th Street Bridge Replacement Project

The Stanislaus County Department of Public Works, in cooperation with the City of Modesto, the California Department of Transportation, and the Federal Highway Administration will replace the historic 7th Street Bridge to correct structural and hydraulic deficiencies, increase the capacity of the 7th Street corridor, and improve safety for vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians. Although the bridge is open to traffic, it has been weight restricted to 4 tons gross load since 1979. The new 78-foot-wide bridge will carry two lanes of traffic in each direction and accommodate a raised sidewalk on the east side, Class II Bike Lanes in each direction, and a separated pedestrian walkway on the west side. The right-of-way impacts include takes of 16 parcels including the relocation of 3 businesses and one residential tenant. The project will impact unique properties including a mobile home park, auto dismantling, tire shops, billboards, and State Lands Commission property. Monument’s role in the Project includes working with the project team to define the real property rights required for the project, coordination with both the City and County about rights acquired within their jurisdiction, acquisition and relocation, and appraisal of property including Furniture, Fixture and Equipment appraisals, and Goodwill appraisal.

West Valley Connector Project

Bus Rapid Transit

San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA)

West Valley Connector BRT

The San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA), in cooperation with the cities of Pomona, Montclair, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, and Fontana, proposes construction of the West Valley Connector Project, a 35-mile-long bus rapid transit project that would decrease travel times and improve the existing public transit system within the corridor. The proposed project includes up to 60 station platforms at 33 locations, including major intersections and associated improvements. Monument is responsible for plan development, implementation, and management of this comprehensive right-of-way program. This includes coordination with FTA, SBCTA and the design team, as well as management of a full spectrum of right-of-way services. During the initial phase, Monument prepared the RAMP for FTA approval, established the subconsultant procurement process, created the right-of-way delivery schedule and identified critical risks on the project. Monument is also providing utility coordination services which include four private utility companies including Southern California Edison, Frontier, Spectrum, and Southern California Gas, with approximately 200 conflicts to clear.

South Laguna Tunnel Stabilization and Sewer Pipeline Replacement

water / wastewater

South Coast Water District

South Laguna Tunnel Stabilization Project

This water and tunnel project improved an existing 64-year-old tunnel which was over two miles in length beneath the bluffs in South Laguna Beach, CA. This tunnel has maintained a minimal carbon footprint since its first day of operation in 1954, and it remains a vital piece of regional infrastructure. The original tunnel was made of wooden beams and was compromised in many areas causing great risk of a break in the sewer line and an impending sewer spillage. The new tunnel was designed to increase capacity to accommodate a new sewer pipeline, maintenance equipment, and safe access and working conditions for maintenance personnel. The new tunnel is made of reinforced sprayed concrete known as “shotcrete”. The $50 million dollar right-of-way program entailed 194 partial acquisitions to accommodate the improvement of the subterranean tunnel which was expanded to an 8-foot diameter. The partial acquisitions consisted of upgraded easements, new easements, and fee interests. The project affected single family residential properties located in the exclusive coastal area of Laguna Beach. These homeowners required careful negotiations and relationship building between the Monument Team and the owners. Monument successfully delivered the project on time and within budget.

Foothill Gold Line Extension Project


Metro Foothill Gold Line Construction Authority

Metro Foothill Gold Line Extension

The Foothill Gold Line from Glendora to Montclair will extend the Metro Gold Line 12.3 miles and add stations in the cities of Glendora, San Dimas, La Verne, Pomona, Claremont, and Montclair. As with Pasadena to Azusa, the extension from Glendora to Montclair is planned to be built along the former Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe (ATSF) right-of-way, which was purchased by Metro in the early 1990s for the project. The project is a design-build project, with major liquidated damages to the design-build contractor if the right-of-way is not delivered per the project schedule. Monument joined the Foothill Gold Line Project Team to replace the original relocation consultant that was falling behind the project schedule. The relocation and management experience of the Monument Team quickly got the project back on track. Monument provided early delivery of 5 residences, over 30 businesses, 120 RV relocations, and 5 large personal property moves within 10 months.

Natomas Basin Project Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency


Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency

Sacramento Area Flood Control Levee Improvements

The Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency (SAFCA) is overseeing a $1.8 billion levee improvement program, including 6 project areas and 8 construction contracts. The right-of-way effort will grow to over 400 parcels by the end of the project. The Monument Team has been involved in every aspect of the right-of-way program including appraisal, certification, budgeting, condemnation, title coordination and conflict resolution. Monument has even assisted in the purchase of a railroad. Monument meets monthly with project stakeholders including the local, state, and federal government partners including the United States Army Corps of Engineers which establishes the right-of-way needs of the project. SAFCA is responsible for determining existing rights and acquisition of rights outside of the existing levee easements. Monument is responsible for preparation of the scope, cost, and schedule for the new right-of-way required for each project. Monument also works with the appraisal team to value the properties and secure management approval of just compensation and in some instances, negotiates with property owners. Once negotiations are complete, Monument manages the right-of-way certification for approval by the executive director.

La Cadena over Santa Ana-River-Bridge Improvement Project

utility relocation coordination

City of Colton

La Cadena Bridge Replacement Project

The La Cadena bridge over Santa Ana River was nearly 100 years old and deemed structurally deficient and functionally insufficient to support the growth in the region. The Project will replace the existing La Cadena Drive bridge with a new 98-foot wide bridge that will accommodate four travel lanes, a raised median, bike lane, and a sidewalk protected with a concrete barrier in each direction. The Project will also replace the existing access to the Santa Ana River Trail (SART) parking lot and a portion of the existing bike trail connection between the SART and the southbound side of La Cadena Drive. Monument is providing utility relocation coordination services and will coordinate the relocation of electric, cable, gas, and waterline facilities before construction and will obtain Caltrans Certification. The Monument Team avoided problems through early involvement of the San Bernardino County Flood Control District in the process to address potential concerns which avoided long internal review periods. Additionally, coordinating with the public agency throughout the process on an ongoing basis avoided any surprises.

Monument is a California-certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and Women Owned Business Enterprise (WBE).